​A 1-minute video on the overview of J Life and Elli as we help our families to help others and to combat poverty.

經緯線 我在深水埗 JLife 2017 01 08

J Life Foundation Ltd. receives food from restaurants and stores, distributes food to the needed members and provides tutorial classes to the members’ children on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the centre is facing challenges of high rental fees and regular maintenance of the building.

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A group of children participated in the Youth Power Program and Sports legacy Scheme in which they were introduced to different sports such as football and baseball. An interactive discussion with HK Olympic athletes concluded the day, inspiring many youngsters. Volunteers at J life foundation Ltd. organised a trip to HK Disney land where the children got to go on thrilling rides and had a very fun and rewarding day.


J Life Foundation Ltd. took part in the Cyclothon organized by the Sun Hung Kai Properties. Each team had to cycle 30km in a family bike to complete the race. It was a tiring but fulfilling day.

盛會都市-SHK Cyclothon2016 post event

Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. organized a cycling competition, which converted the miles of cycling into donation. J Life Foundation Ltd. is one of the organizations which received donation from the competition. J Life Foundation Ltd. is being introduced to the general public through the competition.

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看顧基層 啟愛共融 傅雅妮

ATV 2015 感動香港年度人物 《 助人自助 傅雅妮 》

Elli, the founder of J Life, shared her inspiration and motives of establishing J Life, as well as stories encountered during the services in the documentary video produced by ATV in 2015.

感動香港2015 頒獎禮 - 助人自助傅雅妮

Elli Fu, the founder of J Life, received an award from ATV in 2015 for her devotion and efforts in contributing to society.

MCP新都城中心 x FOODSPORT《為食跑 2015》 以運動轉化為食糧 捐贈逾56萬卡路里食物

The Social Enterprise FOODSPORT collaborated with J Life during the Christmas in 2015. J Life distributed the food received from the event “MCP HUNGER RUN 2015”, in which participants burnt their calories in exchange for equivalent amount of food, to people in need in order to alleviate their financial burden and bring them a happy Christmas with the message of sharing.

RTHK 香港故事 香港衝線 趕年關 2014 02 10 (J Life version)

J Life collaborated with Foodlink Foundation to collect edible surplus food from different restaurants and sectors of food industry. Underprivileged families within the Sham Shui Po District will receive food assistance from J Life, which help reducing their financial burden and bringing them happiness.

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Elli Fu, the founder of JLife and Cho-Yee, a teenage girl from an underprivileged family were interviewed by I-cable. They shared how they were influenced by their own experience and determined to help the other low-income family in need.