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Our Services

We provide tangible support (food and goods) and non-tangible support (education) to underprivileged families who are registered at J Life.


We provide a platform for members to help others and create a helpful community. Thus, we are able to help on the levels of individuals, families and community.


​According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, basic needs are essential for survival. Therefore, tangible support is our focus and contact point to meet with families in need in Sham Shui Po. We accept donations of food and goods from the public, and also cooperate with food banks to obtain surplus foods and distribute them to our families in need. More than 450 members would be benefitted every day from the distribution.  This also builds a community and enhances the families’ sense of belonging and social support in Hong Kong. According to our families, regular visit to J Life would save them up to $2000 per month.


Education is the key to eradicate cross-general poverty. We recognize the need to intervene at different developmental stages of children and specific educational needs of our members. More importantly, we identify the problem as the children’s attitudes towards learning. Therefore, we aim to encourage proactive learning attitude as well as manners in all our tuition and after-school homework tutorial classes.


​As over 120 members would come every day to be benefitted for the food distribution, the members build a community and gain social support within. We offer volunteering opportunities to both our members and the society because we believe that everyone can contribute back to the community. We encourage and mobilize our members to become volunteers, so that they can help others. We also provide a platform for different parties to come and volunteer, and hence understand the needs of the underprivileged.
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