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As COVID-19 persists, economic activities decreases and unemployment rises. Low-income families and elderly are especially vulnerable due to poverty and lack of mobility and information. As face-to-face lessons and tutoring are suspended, underprivileged children's education may be hindered as they may not have the suitable hardware and resources for online learning. In view of this, we continue to help families and the elderly by providing K.F.C. (Kit for Fighting COVID-19). Inside K.F.C. are food and hygienic products which will ease their burden during this difficult time. To assist students to learn-from-home, we also provide education kits which includes tools and stationery for online learning.

Support a 4-person underprivileged family

HK$200 per K.F.C. 

HK$300 for 3 months

HK$200 per month (Basic)

HK$600 per month (Combo)

With each K.F.C., which includes food and hygienic materials, you could support a 4-person underprivileged family for 2 weeks under this epidemic.

Education Kit:

Stationary, exercises, story books and smart games, WIFI eggs + SIM card

Your donation could support a children from low income family with an Education kit and enable them to learn from home. 

Feed an elderly with a HK$25 hot meal box twice a week


To support an elderly weekly with an Elderly K.F.C. (includes food and hygienic materials) that worths only HK$100 plus 8 hot meal boxes


>500 low-income families

>300 children

>150 disadvantaged elderly

Support a 4-person underprivileged family

What's inside the K.F.C. (Kit for Fighting COVID-19)?

KFC (Family)

Education kit

Elderly KFC


Rice, Noodles, Canned food, fruit, milk, drinks, supplements (vitamin C)


Face masks, Bleach, hand sanitizer,

75% isopropyl alcohol,

alcohol wipes, disposable gloves 


Tooth paste, Tooth brush,

Shampoo, Soap, Towel


exercise books,

 story books, 

smart games,

“Wifi eggs” + SIM card


Noodles, Canned food, fruit, milk, powdered drinks, biscuits, instant oatmeal


Face masks, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, disposable gloves


Towel, Soap


Gift Coupons (supermarket)

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