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Cycling Tomorrow

Since June 2022

In recent years, the government has started to develop cycleways, which have gradually started to attract the attention of the public. To solve the problem of underprivileged families’ breadwinner (usually the husband) undergoes a decrease and/or unstable income during covid-19, we establish a bicycles maintenance training platform. We recycle discarded or second-hand bicycles from government and then cooperate with J Life mart to re-launch the refurbished bicycles on the market, profits will be used for empowerment of underprivileged women and youth.

What "Cycling Tomorrow" actually does: 

Bicycles maintenance training

Provide a training platform for women and young people to refurbish bicycles and develop their skills.

Explore online store

Explore different business opportunities and work styles, train women to become salespersons and manage online and physical stores.


30 Women and 6 youth come from underprivileged families

How can you help?

You may support this project in the following ways:

1. Provide job opportunities for our beneficiaries.

2. Donate abandoned bicycles for repair.

3. Donate money for underprivileged women and youth empowerment.

4. Warehouse rental support.

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