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Since 2018

A person's character is heavily influenced by his or her family upbringing. Unfortunately, many underprivileged families may not have the adequate resources or parenting skills to educate their children in aspects such as self-care, emotion management and social skills. Living training provides a community setting to allow mentors to understand the mentees and cultivate their basic life skills. We hope that through living training, the youths wll grow into mature and independent people who are capable of passing the flame and become the new mentors to help other youths.

The project involves having 2-4 adults as mentors who live together with youths from underprivileged backgrounds. The holistic approach encompasses three areas:

Support a 4-person underprivileged family

Self-care and life-planning

a) Housework and bills are shared among youths.

b) Youths are also encouraged to have gainful employment and saving plans. As a result, when they exit the living training, they will have a basic saving to attain self-sustainment.

Emotional Regulations

a) Individual life coaching sessions are held regularly and flexibly such that the youths can develop adaptive coping mechanisms during low mood.


b) Regular life-update meetings are held for the youths as support groups.

Interpersonal skills

a) Living together

b) Games and activities, the youths are improving social skills, learning respect and soft skills.


6-12 youths aged 16-25

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