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Community Care Fund 

June 2020 - May 2022

The Community Care Fund (CCF) has launched the “Assistance Programme to Improve the Living Environment of Low-income Subdivided Unit Households”.

This Programme aims at improving the living environment of low-income households living in subdivided units (SDUs) and introduces community services/resources to them, and helps connecting or refers needy SDU households to relevant organisations or units for assistance and support by providing one-off subsidy in kind for the following: 

Carrying out minor improvement/repair works

Purchasing furniture and household goods

Pest control service


1. Living in SDUs

2. Meeting the income requirement

3. Having at least one household member being a Hong Kong resident

How do I apply for the programme?

Application process

STEP 1: Eligible applicants submit completed application form and other necessary documents to respective approved agents.


STEP 2: The approved agents will process the applications submitted by the eligible SDU households and help applicants to draw up a “prescribed checklist of improvement items.”


STEP 3: The approved agents will arrange two home-visits in total: first time to assess applicants’ living environment and need, and the second time to confirm the applicants have received the items of the checklist.


* Each application takes six months to complete.


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