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J Life Mart

Since December 2018

J Life Mart is our first social enterprise. Founded with a vision to empower the underprivileged, our women and youth beneficiaries play a big part of its operation. Not only are they hired as part-time shopkeepers, their handmade goods are also sold in J Life Mart. We hope to create a platform where our service users can explore their potential and build confidence, and in turn, they can be empowered to contribute to the community.

J Life Mart was established in December 2018 and it provides the following services:


Sell brand new products 

Sell second-hand products

Sell second-hand products donated by companies and individuals


Job creation and

on-job training

Underprivileged women and youths are hired as shopkeepers

empowerment copy.png

Empowerment programmes

J Life holds handicraft classes for women and sell their handmade products such as bags and accessories


Women and youth come from underprivileged families

How can you help?

You may support this project in the following ways:

1. Provide vocational training opportunities for our beneficiaries through workshops

2. Donate goods (eg. clothes, toys, gadgets) for sale

3. Provide storage space or shop

4. Rental support

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